This is a List of Features/Attributes that the different Projects have. To see which Project offers Feature X, follow the Links below.

These Projects provide a Logbook functionality.
Some can automatically fill in water-level info after you enter a river, date and time. Importing and exporting your data is also common.

These Projects provide Water-level information:

These Projects provide Guidebook / River description functionality:

These Projects provide forum-/message board functionality:


These Projects provide a Market functionality where users can buy and sell gear:

These Projects provide some kind of a Map functionality, typically to show river-sections on a map:


The following Projects aim to be a one-stop portal for all paddler-needs by providing a whole number of different functions.

The following Projects are basically Blogs about paddling or have a Blog component among other functionality.

Buyers Guide

The following Projects provide a Buyers Guide functionality. The aim here is a market-overview, not gear-reviews.

Accident Database

The following Projects provide  a Accident Database.
Such a Database allows insights into what happens why and can give learnings on how to avoid future tragic.

Rain Forecast

These projects provide Rain Forecast information:


The following Projects have the ability to record tracks of your paddling.
Usually works through an APP constantly recording your position utilizing the GPS receiver of a Smartphone.


The following projects provide news around paddling:


The following projects provide a paddling related events- calendar:

These Projects create and/or operate Self-Made Gauges.

They can offer knowledge / resources to get your own gauge running.