The following projects have content that is licensed under a Creative Commons license, for which the CC acronym stands.
That means, it is not only free to consume by users, but also re- usable by and for other projects. Details depend on the specific version of license.

Stream Beam

Our goal is to put monitoring stations in remote stream locations that are left off the USGS and other agencies priority list.

We aim to partner with and work for the community to reach as many streams as possible. StreamBeam is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

We gather, maintain, and present valuable stream data as an open resource for the community.


RiverZone started as a replacement for the ailing and unmaintained water level page on CKFiumi website and later merged with the Rivermap project.

The Riverzone webpage remains as a resource for the Italian kayaking community and as a way for me to experiment with new data (like, for example, per-river-section Point of Interests) and new UI approaches.

The mobile app aims to provide all the information a paddler might need for a kayaking trip or a quick run. The app features detailed guidebooks, water levels, filters, maps, pictures, videos, ratings, tags. Users can submit content.

It's an international solution with English being the primary language and Spanish, French German, Russian being the secondary languages.

Content of the app

We have different quality of content for different regions.


Rivermap visualizes the navigability of river sections on an interactive map to give canoeists the best possible and quick overview of the current situation. The individual sections are color-coded depending on the water level and information recorded by paddlers provides valuable additional information. Using filters and linked data, the current situation and further developments can be analyzed more precisely.
All information is provided without guarantee!