DIY Gauge

These Projects create and/or operate Self-Made Gauges.

They can offer knowledge / resources to get your own gauge running.

Murg Cam

A Webcam on the River Murg.
It uses custom-designed Webcam Hardware based on an ESP32 Microcontroller and a GSM Modem. It's speciality is to be super-low power, so it can operate for months off a Motorbike battery. Want such a cam too? Mail the creator, Link on the Cam's page.

Stream Beam

Our goal is to put monitoring stations in remote stream locations that are left off the USGS and other agencies priority list.

We aim to partner with and work for the community to reach as many streams as possible. StreamBeam is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

We gather, maintain, and present valuable stream data as an open resource for the community.


Arduino based, self made online gauges (pressure Sensor, GSM Uplink) provide river level info for Irish kayakers.
The page looks old and half-finished, but the project is active. After testing the V5 Hardware in 2019, V6 development started in 2021.
Want such a gauge too? Contact Daithi, the creator.