The mobile app aims to provide all the information a paddler might need for a kayaking trip or a quick run. The app features detailed guidebooks, water levels, filters, maps, pictures, videos, ratings, tags. Users can submit content.

It's an international solution with English being the primary language and Spanish, French German, Russian being the secondary languages.

Content of the app

We have different quality of content for different regions.

Top qualityAll kinds of whitewater info.
Scotland, Quebec in Canada, Norway, Galicia and Portugal, South Pyrenees, Chile and Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Iceland, Asia (Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Altai, Meghalaya, Laos, Uganda)

Medium qualitySome information is missing (detailed descriptions or pictures or significant amount of sections).
BC in Canada, Costa Rica, Alps (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France), Northern Pyrenees, Finland, Japan, South Africa and Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia.

Coming soon.
Italy, England and Wales, PNW in USA, Morocco



The content of the app is covered by different licenses. There is content copyrighted by third parties, the content copyrighted by the whitewater.guide app, and the content covered under an open Creative Commons license. To access some parts of the copyrighted content in some regions premium purchase is needed while the rest of the content is free. The types of the licenses are stated in the region descriptions.
Premium and copyrighted regions are: Norway, Scotland, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uganda.

Premium regions is a perfect alternative for the commercial printed guidebooks. The guidebooks in the app are cheaper and they have better usability.

All the user submissions including the ones in the premium regions are covered under a Creative Commons license.

Source codes

Currently, most of our source code is not published.

However, we are moving towards open source and you can already find some separate pieces here on github.
There's one notable repo there: our service for harvesting hydrological data named "gorge" is available under MIT license here.

After we are done with our crowdfunding promises we are going to publish all our source code on Github under some open source license.
To do so we need to separate source codes from deployment details and improve DX (Developer eXperience - usability for developers ) so other people can contribute with ease. Writing documentation is going to be also time-consuming

App roadmap

First of all we need to fulfill our crowdfunding promises. The only one remaining is logbook feature.

Next major features that we are planning:
- Favorite regions and sections
- Event calendar
- Comments and hazard/water level reporting (in cooperation with other projects)
- Paddler's profile and advanced logbook stats
- SEO friendly website
- Integrating weather and water level forecasts where possible

The rivers of the USA is next major content plan.



We happily accept contributions from the whitewater community. Everybody has an option to submit their local run, a river they have just paddled or just a piece of info directly from a smartphone.
Contributions can be also done from a PC using the admin interface.
Active contributors become editors for the regions. They keep the information up to date and moderate user submissions.

Some content of the whitewater.guide app comes from other projects upon personal agreements or open licenses.

Whitewater.guide is a great place to extend the live of the hardcopy guidebooks by avoiding printing and distribution costs. It serves as a platform for both published and unpublished guidebooks. It also gives the authors an opportunity to be paid from the premium purchases. Currently in the app we offer these kinds of guidebooks for Scotland, Norway, Eastern Pyrenees, Altai in Russia.


Currently few people occasionally contribute to our project with code and design. You can find our tech stack below, but if you're not familiar with any of those you could still help us. For example we could use some help from native iOS/Android developers and testers are always welcome!

Tech stack

whitewater.guide uses following core technologies:
- node.js and go on backend
- postgres and redis for data storage
- react and react-native on client side
- typescript where possible
- docker

In Collaboration

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